Saturday, October 9, 2010

 This is a blog writen by a number of people from a variety of backgrounds who's aim is simple; question and through questioning gain understanding and from understanding gain hope, love, peace and prosperity in this world we all share.

 The world we live in is a wonderful place, if it weren't for all the people. Mankind has wrecked the greatest gift we have been given, our home. Through hate, deceit, lies and personal agendas man has taken what was once beautiful and turned it into something evil.

Religion is the best example of this. Religion is what faith becomes when men meddle with God's word in order to use God's words as a tool to cause damage on others. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three such faiths that have had this done to them. All three faiths (and all other faiths for that matter) teach the same thing, worship the same God and have the same ideals at the centre of them. Yet through man's meddling, these three faiths have become something evil. You only have to watch the news or open a paper to see or read about Jews, Christians and Muslims destroying each other and destroying the world at the same time.

This blog hopes to help solve that. We hope to look at our faiths and show where they are the same, how they all amount to the same thing and through that, we hope to bring the world a little closer to peace. By talking to each other, reading what we write, we see each other as humans, not enemies. We want to clear the misconceptions, wipe the slate clean and start again. It is possible, God gave us the tools to do it, it is up to us to use them.


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