Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Egypt!

Good news from Egypt, let's hope they stick to this and more follow:


Egypt high court bars police from universities

By Magdi Abdelhadi BBC Middle East analyst
Egyptian policeman at the American University in Cairo - 8 June 2009
The high court in Egypt has ordered the government to abolish police units at university campuses.
The court rejected a government appeal against an earlier ruling which declared the permanent deployment of police on campuses unconstitutional.
Rights groups have long criticised the presence of police on campuses, saying its sole purpose was to prevent students from engaging in politics.
The case was brought against the government by a group of professors.
They have long campaigned for the independence of academic institutions and are part of a broad coalition of activists in opposition to the authoritarian rule of President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for more than 30 years.
The presence of police at universities is often used to suppress political protests organised by students affiliated to the opposition Muslim Brotherhood and other leftist groups.
The police control access to the campus and can deny entry to visitors and the media.
The court ruling is final, but the government may still use emergency powers, as it has done in the past, to circumvent the law.


Now, why is this so important, apart from free speech issues? Well, simple, if we look throughout history then we can see that the centre of Islam has always been it's houses of learning, universities of course being vital to this. So, if Egypt sticks to it's word then, God willing, we will see some real progress in Egypt regarding any 'Islamic Revival', that is the discarding of all the junk we Muslims have accumulated over the years, all the oppressive and 'cultural' stuff that has nothing to do with Islam but rather with corruption of our texts. Previously, police interference in universities had put a large block in the way of that, but now that has been removed let's pray there is progress.

I still think that the 'new sun' of Islam will rise in Asia, not the Middle East, but if Egypt and others keep this up, then maybe the sun can rise in both areas of the world and shine it's light of truth. Onward people!



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  1. There is no "New Sun" arising in the ME. The culture of the people there will stifle any progress I think... I hope otherwise.

    I agree that Islam in Asia, and elsewhere, should set the standard for your faith. My fear is, the ME people, who I think will continue to feel more isolated over socio-economic/religious reasons, will become more radical, and hijack Islam.

    Thats a argument for later...:) Peace