Sunday, November 7, 2010

Upcoming 'serries', Islam ABC

Firstly, I would like to apologize for my absence. Again. I have no excuse other than, well, nothing really...

Anyway, I have an upcoming series of articles in the pipeline, my 'Islam ABC'. I'm going to try and cover a wide range of topics about Islam and Islam related things, most of it my own writing but with some borrowed pieces kindly contributed by other writers. The purpose of this will be to answer some of the most asked questions as well as give a bit of clarification on what Muslims think and believe, mixed with a few of my own 'idealistic' ramblings for you to laugh at.  Below is a mostly complete list of the topics I will cover, there are a few gaps which I will, God willing, have filled by the next time we meet (someone help me find articles for X, Y and Z!!). See you there!

A = Apostasy, rejection of faith
B = Bombing, the suicide kind
C = Christians, our friends in faith
D = Dogs, and other creatures
E = Earth, for which we must care
F = Fundamentalism, taking it too far
G = God, to whom everything is due
H = Halal, all that is lawful
I = Islam, and what it means
J = Jesus, messenger supreme
K = Ka'bah, that black cube thing
L = Life, and it's purpose
M = Money, distraction from God
N =
O =
P =
Q = Qu'ran, the revelation
R = Religion, corruption of faith
S = Sharia, much misunderstood
T = Taquiya, a false concept
U = Us, inhabitants of the creation
V =
W = Worship, connecting with God
X =
Y =
Z =


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